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Sidekicks were introduced in version 5.00 on November 7th as an extension of Lieutenants. You must have v5.00 or higher of the app to use Sidekicks. These sidekicks function very similar to Lieutenants, however their skills are specific to each section of the game. There are 4 types of sidekicks: Job, Boss, EvE, and PvP. The powers of some sidekicks are only activated when doing their specific activity. It is not possible to equip Insignias onto sidekicks, nor do they have a leveling system.

Most sidekicks are obtained from the Hunting Range.

The set attack/defense of the sidekick will increase when you combine multiple copies together of the same star level. Sidekicks are also available to be fused which requires DNA. To obtain DNA, sidekicks must be recast. Recasting will sacrifice the sidekick in return for DNA and the sidekick will be gone forever until obtained again, so choose wisely which you want to recast.

The sidekicks page can be accessed from the homepage or from the lieutenant page at the top of the screen in the game. Sidekicks are equipped exactly like lieutenants. A maximum of 5 sidekicks can be equipped at once. The sidekick seats are unlocked along with the lieutenant seats. Note that the bonuses that are applied to lieutenants in particular seats do not apply to Sidekicks.

There are 3 free hunts allotted daily, but it is possible to do more than 3 per day by spending FP. The cost of FP will continue to increase as you buy more during that same day. However be aware, you will still have to wait for a 1 hour cool down after each hunt.

There's a comparison table for all the sidekicks on the wiki here.

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