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"It's all mine!"

Chameleon seems to have it all - young, ultra-rich, charming, handsome and talented at nearly everything. While having it all, Chameleon believes he has nothing - driven by madness to steal the identities of others.

Alignment: Unaffiliated

Special Ability: he'll randomly select an epic LT power (includes all epic LT's - including past event epics such as Vice, Reaper, etc.) and it'll become his power for the day. Chameleon's power will change randomly each day. In terms of the star level power - the copied epic LT power will be the same as his (so if Chameleon is at 9 star and the random power copied that day is Six - you'll have a 9 star Six)


Stars Stats at level 1 Max Level Stats at Max Level Power
Attack Defense Attack Defense
1 33 34 35 67 68
2 44 46 50 93 95
3 75
4 100
5 150
6 200
7 300
8 450
9 650

Rarity: Epic

Obtained from:

Maverick Crate 2021