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This event ran from 1-8 July 2014. During that time, players could attack a series of special Bosses to earn rewards. Using Gold Bullets and Silver Bullets against these bosses would often grant a reward of some number of Silver Eagles.

Each level of the boss consisted of a number of rounds, with each round having 1-4 enemies to fight. The final round was always against The Baron.

File:Event million man boss rewards.png

When the event concluded, prizes were awarded to players depending on the number of Silver Eagles they collected:

Note that you also got all the awards for lower numbers, too.

In addition, players were ranked by contribution points. The highest-ranking players got additional rewards:

Note that you did not also get the awards for lower placements.

In addition to that, there were rewards for certain boss levels:

Finally, each level of the boss had a huge list of possible drops, that basically included every item that can be dropped by any other boss in the game plus a few new items:

While the event was active, spending Stamina and Energy would sometimes result in some of the following rewards:

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