MMB casa nostra

This event ran from 12 PM PST 20 April 2017 to 12 PM PST 27 April 2016. During that time, players could attack a series of special Bosses to earn rewards. Using Gold Bullets and Black Bullets against these bosses would often grant a reward of some number of Black Hats.

Each level of the boss consisted of a number of rounds, with each round having up to 3 enemies to fight.

Gang Mission Started - You've been ordered to set up shop in the city of Arkham. Thi swill be no easy task! Arkham City is controlled by the prominent Sforza family. No matter what goes on, they have a hand in the honey pot, so you'd best watch yourself. It looks like you might have company real soon...

Daughter of the Boss - Dang you're lucky you have a good crew! Those "tough guys" didn't stand a chance. Looke like you've found a note in Angelo's pocket... it says: Kill <playername> Celia. S 612 Fell St, Arkham

The War Starts - Oh a little bird has told you Celia was a member of the Sforza family. This probably isn't going to end well. We've gone from zero to all out war! There's someone going nuts at Sforza HQ. Maybe you should head over and suss out the situation.

Unexpected Barrier - It's now or never. This is your chance to take down one of the most notorious families! Better head in, it looks like there's movement on the second floor!

Final Boss - You're about to burst through the underworld. Who knows what awaits you on the other side...

Every 5th boss level, there was an additional opponent

Chorus of Hoarse Voices - I'a I'a Cthulhu Fhatgn ...

When the event concluded, prizes were awarded to players depending on the number of Black Hats they collected:

Note that you also got all the awards for lower numbers, too.

In addition, players were ranked by contribution points. The highest-ranking players got additional rewards:

Note that you did not also get the awards for lower placements.

In addition to that, there were rewards for certain boss levels:

Finally, each level of the boss had a huge list of possible drops, that basically included every item that can be dropped by any other boss in the game plus a few new items:

Note that Chem-Packs were included in the list.

While the event was active, attacking the Million Man Boss would sometimes result in some of the following rewards:

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