Boss skull elite

Skull Elite is available once you have built the Skull Watch in the Tech Lab.

Basic InformationEdit

Maximum Participants: 60
Boss Fight Time: 96 hours
Rewards Collect Time: 48 hours
Maximum Collectible Empire Points: 507,600 (per person over highest epic threshold)
Over hitting past the last threshold will reduce the overall empire points available to other players.

Minimum Collect Threshold: 666 (needs to be validated) Boss Points

RECOMMENDED CLASS: Heavy Weapons, Sniper

Speed KillsEdit

1 Star: 76:05:26
2 Star: 17:11:06 - 23:40:09
3 Star: 4:04:40


Stage 1Edit

  • Icon class enforcer Elite I
  • Icon class assassin Elite II

Stage 2Edit

​Stage 3Edit

  • Icon class heavy weapons Omega


Epic ThresholdsEdit

  1. 12,000 points
  2. 16,000 points
  3. 22,000 points

Epic RewardsEdit

Rare RewardsEdit

Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit