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Stamina is one of a character's basic attributes. Characters have a maximum stamina and a current stamina.

Stamina is used for Battles and to fight Bosses, and it costs 10 stamina to enter an Empire Battle.

Whenever current stamina is less than max stamina, a point will be added every 3 minutes and 30 seconds until the maximum is reached. Stamina is refilled completed when a player gains a level. It can be increased by up to 1000 by using a Stamina Pack or by spending Favor Points.

Max stamina can be increased by spending Skill Points, at a rate of 1 max stamina for 2 skill points. Max stamina can also be increased by paying respect to The Cartel. Building Space Programs increases your max stamina.

The following lieutenants have a power that boosts stamina:

The following lieutenants decrease stamina: